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To improvise the intensity of the WiFi signal, it is recommended to use Repeaters or Extenders. There are plentiful companies that design Networking devices; however, you can select the one which is suitable for you. is a popular default web address that is especially used to log in as well as configure the WiFi Repeater. To gather more information regarding the Setup, you can ask the technical experts for help. Make your Life better by choosing the best Repeater for your home or any work-related place.

WiFi Repeater is an amazing device by using which the client can connect with the power outlet and then connect with the router. Make use of the default web address http// if you want to login into the repeater dashboard & configure it. Then you will get high-speed internet throughout the home or office wherever you need. login setup extender login setup

How to Setup using

It is easy to Configure the Repeater using Here are the simple steps that you must use to do so:

  • Ensure that the wireless repeater must be placed close to the router in the same room.

  • Then Plugin the repeater into the power outlet.

  • Now press the WPS button present on WiFi router and after some time gap press the WPS button on your WiFi Repeater also.

  • Make use of the ethernet cable if you want to set up the WiFi Repeater.

  • In the next step, open any new internet browser and after that, you must type in the URL bar the default address i.e. Login. In case, this address is not working, then use the IP Address.

  • Select the mode as AP mode or you can choose the Repeater mode.

  • Choose the correct wireless network name that you want to extend.

  • Tap on the Next button.

  • Finally, hit the finish to end the Repeater configuration process.

In this way, your Repeater setup process has been completed successfully. Now it is ready to use. Keep your Repeater anywhere you want to place it. People usually seek assistance from experts when going to set up the WiFi Repeater. But the process explained above about the Setup is quite simple. Follow all the instructions without skipping anyone, you will be able to set up the Repeater without any hassle.

Step By Step Guide To Access the WiFi Repeater Login Page IP address is basically utilized to access the WiFi Repeater setup page. This is the perfect gateway to login to the Repeater official home page. Sometimes people may be unable to login into, it means that there is some error that is interrupting the user. In such a situation, you must connect the Repeater with the PC using an ethernet cable. Then type the Login IP Address on the web browser.

  • The foremost and important step is to connect to the WiFi Repeater.

  • Then you must open any new web browser.

  • In the next step, you must type the IP Address in the address bar.

  • By doing this, it helps the user to bring to the Login Page.

  • Now you must carefully enter the correct username and password(you must use the ‘Admin’ for both username & password).

  • Here you can make changes and configure the WiFi Repeater. dashboard is the best to configure the new WiFi repeater in repeater mode. All the above given basic instructions are easy to use. 

Want to Change the Repeater’s Username and Password? Here is the Quick Guide.

To change or update the Repeater’s Username & Password is a wise and smart step. Here you will be able to know how to do it quickly:

  • Initially, plug the Wireless Repeater into a Power outlet.

  • Then carefully type in the default address ‘’ either you can use ‘’ IP Address in the Address bar.

  • Then hit the Enter button, this will direct the user to the Login page.

  • Here you have to type admin for username and password.

  • Now choose the Mode.

  • Select the new name for the wireless extended network.

  • Choose the new password. Ensure that you have made a strong password by using all the given specifications to  recreate a password.

  • Follow the on-screen instructions properly and then click on the apply button to save the new settings.

In addition to all the above information explained above, you should know that it is possible to use more than one WiFi Repeaters at the WiFi network. Just make use of the default IP address ‘’ or My Repeater Setup. To avoid any confusion during the WiFi Repeater setup page you can also take the help of experts.

By setting up the WiFi Repeater you will be able to monitor as well as manage the settings of your New Extended network. Sometimes, the shows an error during the login process. 

  • To resolve the problem ensure that your Router’s firmware should always be up to date. 

  • Be careful while typing the IP Address ‘’ on the URL bar. 

  • Enter the correct login details to avoid any issue.

If you are stuck in any of the complications while accessing the My Repeater Setup, then do not feel hopeless. You can take the unmatched services anytime from the well-trained technical experts. Unable to get the strong signals all across the home with the normal Router, configure the repeater to receive the better signals.